Thursday, April 6, 2017

Forklift Fits

 It has been SO QUIET at work this week b/c the other company moved out last week. Then my 2 bosses were gone, so I was at work all alone for a few days. We got a big shipment today and no one was around, so I had to drive the forklift again. The pallets were too long, and my forklift prongs weren't long enough. So, I had to have one of the guys sit on the pallets to keep them from bouncing too much while I drove them across the street to the storage unit!

 It was stressful & scary, but we got it done without incident. WHEW! I'm thankful I have a "get in and get it done" type of attitude/personality instead of letting the worry & fear keep me from trying. It has served me well in my life for sure!

 After work we came home, did a little homework, had dinner, and then it was time for Autumn's volleyball practice. After I dropped her off, I went over to Nick & Savi's to help them finish up Nick's taxes.

Frank was so happy to be done w/ training today and to pick up Spencer after school. He hasn't seen him in almost a week, so it was a sweet reunion. I'm so thankful that Frank is such a great Dad and that he truly loves his kids and that they love him in return.

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