Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Temple Date With Frank

 Liz had an emergency dental situation, so she asked if I could stay for Activity Days & help Rachel. I didn't mind at all, b/c that meant I had to leave work early. I went & picked up the 4 girls and we headed over.

 Rachel had hidden 3 sets of 13 eggs each. We split the girls into 3 teams and they had find their 13 pink or green or yellow eggs. Then when they had all 13, they had to open them and put the 13 Articles of Faith in order. After that, we talked about Easter, the Atonement, & the Resurrection. Rachel had made these ADORABLE Easter cupcakes for each of the girls. It was a super fun activity and I'm glad I got to be there.

 I dropped all the girls off at home, took Autumn to Nick & Savi's so they could babysit her for us, and then Frank and I went to Chipotle for dinner. He'd never been there before, and it's so fun to introduce him to all these places.

 Then we went to the temple to do an endowment session. I'm glad traffic wasn't bad and we were able to make it to the temple before the distribution center closed at 7:00. Frank was able to get some things he needed before we did the session.

 We got to be the witness couple, and it was AMAZING. After the session, we sat in the celestial room for about 40 minutes just talking and crying and sharing together. I told him how surreal it was to be sitting next to him & holding his hand, b/c I had sat in that very same room and shed so many tears of pleading w/ Heavenly Father to send me a worthy priesthood holder for NINE LONG YEARS!!! And now here he is, and he's more than I could have ever hoped for. We shared some really tender & spiritual experiences together. Pres. W (who is a sealer in the temple & a close family friend) came in and said hi to us for a minute, which was neat. The whole experience was beyond what I could have dreamed of.

Frank took himself to an Urgent Care Center b/c he hurt his side a few weeks ago and it hasn't gotten any better. It's still super painful for him. They took some xrays and said it didn't look like he had a broken rib, and it was most likely bruised really bad, or it could possibly be a bruised spleen! They prescribed him some heavy medication so he could try and sleep at night. Poor guy! It's good for peace of mind to know that it's not broken and will just take some time to heal.

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