Friday, April 28, 2017

Luna, Lori, & Legally Blonde

 At lunch today, I went to visit Lori b/c I needed to get out of the office. I was really frustrated w/ a situation where my integrity was called in to question. I hadn't gotten a report turned in yet, but it's b/c one of the sales reps is a YAHOO & wasn't getting me the info I needed for the report. I made sure to set everyone right on that one real quick! Anyways, it was good to visit w/ Lori and see Luna too. I miss Lori so much!!!

 After work/school Autumn & I went to Winco to get some groceries & things for this weekend. We had some major hail storms go through our area earlier this week and luckily we were missed. However, as you can tell from the windshield of this car, they were not so lucky! YIKES!!!

 We came home, put groceries away, ate dinner, and then headed out to see a play at the local junior high school.

 They did Legally Blonde The Musical Jr, and it was really cute. It makes me miss my theater days!

Ashlyn, one of my former young women, played the part of Brooke & did a FABULOUS job. The girls that played Elle & Paulette were also wonderful. I'm glad we have such great theater programs around here & that I'm able to expose Autumn to the arts.

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