Saturday, April 29, 2017

Surprising Frank At Work

 Autumn & I got up this morning, got our stuff packed, stopped at WalMart for a few things, and then headed to her volleyball game. They got to play against the boys' team that they practice with, so that was fun. They won 2 out of the 3 games. We were supposed to get pictures after the game, but we went over and everyone decided against it.

 So, we hopped in the car and headed straight north to Oklahoma. We stopped for a potty break and to get some fuel near a casino. Autumn liked this Choctaw Nation seal made out of flowers & shrubs.

 Every time we have driven through one of the little towns on our way to see Frank, I have wanted to stop and look around at this garden that is set up between 2 buildings. Well, today was finally that day. It had rained, so everything was wet and fresh and beautiful. If it weren't so far away, I'd be tempted to have our wedding reception here. I don't know what it is, but I am so drawn to this space!!!

 I also love this old building. I'm just obsessed w/ old things like this. They have such a history & a charm. I'm so glad we finally stopped so I could get some pics.

We made it to Frank's, but he had already left to go to work. We had so much fun hanging out w/ his parents & the boys. I can't believe how big the baby kittens have gotten in such a short amount of time! We had nachos, played games, and just talked. Frank called to let us know there was a tornado warning where he was at, and they were having everyone get in the bathrooms & safe shelters! We hurried and turned on the news and hung on their every word. He called about 20 minutes later to let us know they were safe. WHEW!!!

 I had planned on driving up to his work (about an hour away) to surprise him. Plus, I wanted to see where he worked and what it looked like. That way when we talked on the phone I could visualize it for myself. Grannymom said I shouldn't go alone, so Grant & Spencer went w/ me. It was SO AWESOME to walk in & see his look of utter shock, surprise, and delight when he realized it was me. Grant was a sweetie and snapped this pic of us kissing. We didn't stay there too long, b/c Spencer isn't old enough to go in.

 We went to WalMart to kill some time, b/c Frank wasn't going to get off from work for about 2 hours. We walked around and the boys found all sorts of silly & fun things. But, that got old fast so we had to do something to take up more time.

I bought the game of Life, and we went to McDonald's to eat some dinner and play the game. It was pouring cats & dogs outside, so I'm glad we were inside where it was safe and dry. I just love and adore these 2 boys so much. We had a great time and bonded even more. We finished the game just in time for Frank to get off from work. I'm glad we all got back to his house safe and sound and that the storms had already passed through. What a day!!!

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