Monday, April 17, 2017

Marvelous Monday

 We got up this morning & completely spontaneously decided to take Frank & Spencer to our favorite donut shop before we dropped Autumn off at school. She went on a field trip today, and it rained most of the day so they had to stay inside instead of getting to zip line & rock climb.

 We dropped Autumn off at school, and then had Nick & Savi follow us up to the county clerk's office to take care of some paperwork. Since we were there anyways, Frank & I went ahead & got our marriage license. That way, when we get that clearance letter from the church we've already got our license and are not having to try and worry about getting that. It's done & taken care of and ready to go when we need it. SO EXCITING!!! 

 I had to go to work, so Spencer & Frank went to the fancy movie theater so Spencer could see what it's like. He LOVED it & said regular movie theaters will never be the same again.

 Autumn has been begging for me to get her bike so she can ride it, but it won't fit in my car. Frank texted once they were done w/ the movie to see if they could go pick up Autumn from daycare. She was so SURPRISED & THRILLED when Frank & Spencer walked in to pick her up. They went over to Mom & Dad's house to get Autumn's bike since it would fit in the back of Frank's truck. Autumn was SO HAPPY!!!

I got home from work and we had dinner, helped Autumn w/ her homework, and then had a small Family Home Evening. It was a MARVELOUS MONDAY!

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