Sunday, April 2, 2017

Rain & General Conference

 We got up this morning to lots of rain & thunder & lightning. I LOVE it! Autumn had fun "singin' in the rain" w/ her umbrella until we heard some thunder and I made her come in b/c that means there is also lightning. Frank drove down from OK to spend the day w/ us and listen to General Conference.

 Mom & Dad went up to UT early on purpose so they could attend General Conference in the actual conference center. They had never done that before and had it on their bucket list of things to try. Aunt Jana was able to get tickets, but wasn't able to go at the last minute, so they took their friends from their mission. How fun!

 We got to watch conference from the comfort of our couch. Christy joined us again, along w/ Nick & Savi. For lunch we had zuppa toscana soup, garlic bread, and tres leches cake for dessert. We had also been snacking all morning on the treats for General Conference, plus I had a crock pot of nacho cheese so anyone could have nachos whenever they wanted. We were STUFFED!

Mom & Dad also ran into friends from home. They got AMAZING seats b/c a temple recorder from the Joburg temple was there and had some extra tickets that he gave to them. So neat! We all thoroughly enjoyed General Conference. Although, I'll have to go back and rewatch the recordings on Sunday mornings b/c Autumn & Christy weren't paying attention very well so I missed a lot of it. But what I heard of it was incredible & the Spirit was very strong.

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