Saturday, April 1, 2017

Volleyball & General Conference

 We got up early this morning, b/c Autumn had an early volleyball game. I couldn't see the scoreboard, so I don't know if they won or lost their 3 matches. But Autumn had several powerhouse hits where the ball came right to her, and she got it over the net in one hit. I was so proud of her! Now we'll have to work on hitting it softly so her teammates can have a chance to help get the ball over.

 After that, we went to Winco to get treats for their bulk bins for General Conference. Christy came over to watch with us, and I had her bring last conference's Ensign so we could cut out the pics & names of the 15 Apostles to put on our treats. Then, when that person speaks we get to eat that treat. It helps Autumn to pay attention.

 Elder Holland spoke in the afternoon session, and it was soooooooooo good! If I had to pick just my favorite apostle to listen to, it would be him. I loved this quote from him, "'Come as you are,' a loving Father says to each of us. But He adds, 'don't plan to STAY as you are!!!'" LOVE IT!❤️

 After conference, I went outside and mowed the lawn, edged the lawn, and even pulled some weeds from the flower beds. Autumn came out in this crazy outfit (at least her socks match) to bring me some ice water. That was super thoughtful of her to do.

Mom & Dad got to enjoy being w/ all 3 of her sisters for conference. LUCKY! I'm so happy they were able to get together, have fun, eat, and create memories. I'm jealous I wasn't there too.

When I got done w/ yard work, I got showered and cleaned up. Then Autumn & I stopped by WalMart to get a few things before we went to Nate & Riannon's. They had asked if we could babysit so they could go on a date. Nate had a hockey game, so Riannon went to watch. They were going to go see a movie after that, but they were both too tired. So, they were home by 10:00. Autumn & I came home and went right to bed so we're ready for General Conference tomorrow.

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