Saturday, April 22, 2017

Sofia Saturday

 We got up this morning, got ready for the day, and then went to go pick up Savi so she could come to Autumn's volleyball game with us.

 Our girls played hard, but lost all 3 matches. Savi said it was really fun to be there & cheer Autumn on.

 By the time the game was over, it was lunchtime and we had about 30 minutes to kill before we needed to be at the airport. So, we stopped and got some yummy food for lunch.

 We got to the airport and only had to wait a few minutes before Savi's sister, Sofia, came out of the doors of the international terminal. YAY!!! What a happy and sweet reunion. She's here for her Spring Break vacation.

 She brought A LOT of yummy baked goods for us from a famous bakery in El Salvador. It was so fun to try all the different El Salvadorian pastries & treats.
 We dropped them off at Nick's work so they could say hi to him, plus he was going to be getting off in 30 minutes. We stopped by Nate & Riannon's to drop off a few things, and then we went shopping. This cart was sitting out in the middle of the parking lot, so we tried to ride it back into the store to get it out of the way. Halfway to the store, the battery died, so Autumn pushed me in. We were laughing SO HARD & having so much fun!

We got our groceries, came home, had dinner, and spent the rest of the evening cleaning, relaxing, and watching TV. I was even able to get these cute handouts put together for some visiting teaching visits tomorrow.

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