Tuesday, May 9, 2017

2 HUGE Steps Forward

 Today was a BIG day! Frank had the day off, so he drove down this morning after dropping Spencer off at school. We  had a lunch meeting w/ Ken to see if Frank would be a good fit for his company. It seemed to go really well, and it sounds like Frank has a job down here within the next month or so! WOO HOO!!!

 After lunch, I went back to work and Frank went back to my house to rest. Except he didn't rest ... he mowed my lawn!!! I seriously was in tears when I got home and saw that. He takes such good care of us! He also went and picked up Autumn from daycare so I wouldn't have to when I got off from work.

 They went shopping and he had her pick out a few gifts to give me for early Mother's Day presents. I LOVE these gorgeous potted plants, the balloon, and the cute wind chime they got for me. Again, he spoils us rotten and even the littlest thing is so incredibly meaningful.

We had dinner (I had put a pork loin in the crockpot covered in root beer before I left for work this morning), and then headed over to the Stake Center so Frank could have his interview w/ the Stake President as the final step in the clearance letter process before everything is submitted to church headquarters in Salt Lake City for review. I'm so thankful that everything is done electronically now, b/c the Stake President hit the "SUBMIT" button at the end of the interview and all the needed info is in SLC ready for review! WOW!!! Frank stayed until 9:00 & then headed for home b/c he has to work tomorrow. We made 2 HUGE steps forward today! Soooooooo EXCITING!!!

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