Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Visiting Teaching Connections

 I was so surprised today at work when one of my visiting teachers came walking in w/ these flowers, candy, & a card. She said she was literally across the street picking something up for her husband and wanted to stop in and say hi. It was so unexpected, thoughtful, and incredibly sweet!

 As soon as I got Autumn from daycare, we headed off to have dinner w/ Donna, Abbey, & Ben. Donna's in town watching them while their parents are on a cruise for their anniversary. I had never been to this restaurant before, and I really liked it. The food was good, reasonably priced, and the atmosphere was bright & colorful.

Donna & I had a great time catching up w/ each other while the kids ate and played games on my phone & took silly Snapchat filter pics. I'm thankful for our long lasting friendship that came b/c of visiting teaching! Autumn & I left at 7:30 to go over to Nick & Savi's house to spend some time w/ Savi. Dave T was up visiting and staying over at the house, and since Savi doesn't know him very well we didn't want it to be awkward. We left at 9:30 when Nick got home from work. What a fun day.

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