Saturday, May 13, 2017

Relaxing & Redbox Saturday

 Frank & I both had early mornings today. He woke up early to take his boys to their Stake Center to participate in the Stake Young Men's basketball tournament. They didn't win the championship, but they had fun. I love their team's name ... "Golden PLATE Warriors" instead of "Golden STATE Warriors."

 I actually got up at 5:30, b/c I was going to go to the temple w/ some friends. However, as I was getting ready I realized that I wouldn't be back to get Autumn to her volleyball game in time. So, I sadly texted my friends to let them know I couldn't come and then I went back to sleep. I got up at a more normal hour of the morning, got Autumn up and ready, and we headed off to her game. They wanted to take pictures before the game (which is why we had to be there early & I wouldn't have made it back from the temple in time).

I'll have to post a picture of their cute group photo once the parent that took it emails it to everyone. The girls played hard today, but lost all 3 of their games. I'm still proud of them b/c they've improved so much and are working better as a team.

We stopped at WalMart on the way home to get a few groceries. Then we had 3 different events going on tonight, but we decided to stay home and not go to any of them. After busy & full weeks of school, daycare, homework, work, etc. we are just DONE and want to RELAX. We had also rented Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children & La La Land from the Redbox, so we watched those. I LOVED the music from La La Land.

Nate called me at 11:30 at night (I was surprisingly already asleep) to tell me to come outside. It's a tradition that my Dad gets my Mom (and his unmarried daughters) an orchid corsage for Mother's Day. Since he is in South Africa this year, and Frank doesn't know about the tradition yet ... Nate went and got me one! SO TENDER & THOUGHTFUL!!! He said Frank's going to have to take over the tradition next year. LOL.

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