Tuesday, May 23, 2017

School Picnic & Final Interview

Yesterday was a crazy flurry of starting to make arrangements to get married this coming Saturday. I called the temple as soon as they opened this morning to see if we could get a sealing time for Saturday. Everything hinged on that, and they definitely had times available. So now it's GO TIME to get everything pulled together. It's going to be an insane few days, but I have faith that it will all come together the way it should.

 Poor Frank had to drive back down today so we could get our final interviews w/ the Stake President. He got her early enough to go get Autumn from daycare.

 They had some time to kill, so they went over to Cabela's to walk around and look at stuff. He texted me a few funny pics like this while I was at work. I'm thankful they have such a good time together.

 When I got home, I literally did a HAPPY DANCE b/c Frank had moved a bunch of his stuff down here. He even had clothes hanging in our closet. I can't describe how happy this makes me.

 We went over to Autumn's school for their end of the year "picnic." It was incredible to stand in line w/ Frank and get to hold his hand and introduce him to some people I know.

 We were able to purchase tickets ahead of time for In N Out burgers, chips, and a drink for $5 as a fundraiser. I bought 4, b/c I didn't know if Frank & Spencer would be with us or not. It's completely random timing that Frank got to be here, and we're so happy.

 Autumn had fun running around w/ her friends, getting face paint, and playing games in the gym. After we were done, we went to WalMart to get a few things for the sealing & open house this coming Saturday. It's nice having Frank here to help out where he can.

Then we went over to the Stake Center at 8:30 to have our final interview w/ the Stake President. He met w/ us separately and then had Frank & Autumn & I come into his office where he talked to us for a little bit. He's such a nice & personable man and I'm thankful for his willingness to stay late and do our interviews. We have all the paperwork we need, and now just need to throw together the stuff for the open house! I can't believe it's here and it's happening. WOO HOO!!!

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