Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Packin' Up

 Frank was out & about in town running some errands when he saw his parents at the grocery store. He snapped this pic and sent it to me, which made me so happy. I just love his parents & think the world of them. They're such great people.

He spent most of the day packing up his stuff so he could move down here this week. This picture is so exciting and makes things all the more real. I've been buried in details and figuring out flowers, decorations, and food w/ Aunt Sandy. All while trying to work full time and make sure Autumn's not getting lost in the shuffle.

I went to Young Men/Young Women's tonight to personally invite them to the Open House on Saturday. I let them know that b/c it's so fast we didn't have time to do printed invitations. It was so weird yet nice to be back at YM/YW on a Wednesday night. I honestly don't miss it like I thought I would. I LOVE & ADORE the kids and leaders, but it's so not have to rush around like crazy on Wednesday nights. 

I posted our announcement on Facebook, which is probably really tacky. But I think most people understand that b/c this is so fast that it's the only real way to get the word out ASAP. If we had another Sunday in between, I could have printed invitations and handed them out at church. But we don't, so Facebook it is.

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