Saturday, May 20, 2017

Volleyball, Nails, & A Surprise Bridal Shower

 The main reason Frank came down yesterday instead of Sunday was so that he could watch Autumn's last volleyball game of the season. We got up early, came home, got ready, and then headed off to her game. It was the championship, and if you lost 2 games you were out. We won the first game and then lost the next 2 so we were out. But, none of us parents were too sad about that, b/c that meant we were done for the season.

 I'm super proud of our girls and how much they improved over the course of the season. They learned to play well together as a team. It was so fun having Frank there to cheer Autumn on.

 We came home, had a super quick lunch, and then Frank had to get on the road so he could make it work for his last shift. They were throwing him a little pot luck farewell party. He's only worked at this certain location for a few months, so it's a huge testament to him & what a great guy he is that they're already going to miss him so much. They're so happy for him and that he's got a job down here and that we're getting married soon.

 Autumn & I laid down on my bed and took a little nap. It felt so good to get some added rest. When I woke up, I talked Frank all the way to his work. I'm so thankful he won't be having to make that long commute all the time anymore.

 I had a nail appointment to get my nails done b/c they were super grown out. It's so relaxing to pamper myself once a month.

 I also splurged a little bit and got the color changed on my toenails. Lily did this adorable flower design for free b/c she knows I'll hopefully be getting married in the next month.

 I dropped Autumn off at a friend's house and then went and picked up Liz so we could go out for an early birthday dinner. We ended up going to La Madeleine's and it was sooooooo delicious. It was a lot of fun to talk, catch up, and laugh with her. She's such a great friend.

After we ate, she said there was something she has always wanted to try but that it's something I would hate, so I would have to close my eyes. I was worried, but promised her I would keep them closed and not peek. I kept trying to guess what it was, especially when she said it was outside our comfort zones! I said, "it better not involve bugs or I'm out." Then I said, "I hope it's not nude modeling for an art class."

Right as I said that, I heard a whole bunch of people yell "SURPRISE!!!" She had taken me back to my house where & Eila had arranged a surprise bridal shower for me! It was so unexpected and I started to cry!

Some ladies had snuck into my house while we were gone to dinner and had cleaned the kitchen (it was a hot mess b/c I had no idea anyone was coming over), and had decorated for the bridal shower. 

 Look at how cute they made my mantel look!

 They also had people bring all sorts of treats & dishes to share. These cake pops that Rachel made were phenomenal!!!

 It was so neat having Savi, Riannon, & Autumn there also, Autumn had no idea about it, which is a good thing b/c she most likely would have spoiled the surprise on accident.

 It was perfect timing that Frank had gone and gotten all of those pictures printed off and put in frames. All of the decorations were adorable, and Eila said I could keep them since they had been used at her sister's recent wedding & they didn't need them anymore. It was perfect, b/c Frank & I have talked about doing a "burlap & lace" type theme at our Open House when we get married.

 After everyone had had a chance to eat some food and talk and mingle, it was time for some bridal shower games. They had sent Frank some questions to answer and I had to guess what he said. If I got the answer wrong then I had to chew a piece of bubble gum. Luckily I only got 5 wrong so I wasn't slobbering all over myself.

 Nate heard there was a party & food, so he stopped by to say hi. One of the ladies didn't know he was my brother and said, "uh oh! Is that the 'male entertainment'?" We all started laughing b/c we're all Mormon & it wasn't "that type of party." I said, "no! He's my brother." And being the Nate we all know and love, he said, "am I really?" Then he started unzipping his vest just a little bit and shaking his hips. We all LOST IT & were laughing so hard!!! It was HILARIOUS!!!

 After the craziness of Nate, Eila said that Frank had recorded a video message for me since he wasn't able to be at the party. It was SO TENDER & of course it made me cry. I am beyond blessed to have this man in my life.

 After that, I opened gifts and people just talked & mingled. I am beyond thankful for this incredible group of women who came to make me feel special. It was a wonderful surprise & evening. 

These people are the salt of the earth. They were there to put it together, make it happen, set it up, clean my house, and then clean it all up. I am BEYOND BLESSED to know such incredible people & get to be their friends. WOW!

Frank also had a wonderful evening w/ the people at work. It was hard for him to say goodbye to them and they are going to miss him so much.

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