Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Hard Work & Missionary Moments

 I'm so thankful for Frank. He works so hard all day long. I don't know how he does it. He comes home so sweaty & covered in "man glitter." I love it that he knows how to do practical things and can work hard with his strong hands. He's amazing & I'm beyond thankful for all he does to support our family. I also love it that he thinks to take pictures throughout the day and text them to me.

 Tonight I came home and put together some Hawaiian haystacks stuff for dinner. I like this, b/c everyone can build their own and make it whatever they want.

Christy's Mom is starting to take the missionary discussions and they had asked if we could have it at our house. It was fun to eat dinner together and then be a part of the gospel discussion w/ her and the missionaries. I appreciate the Spirit that they carry w/ them and that they bring into our home when they're here. I took this pic and then texted it to their parents to let them know their boys are doing great and working hard.

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