Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Swanky Dinner & Shaved Ice

 Frank got off work early today b/c he had a doctor's appointment. His shoulders have been hurting him so bad to the point that he can't sleep at night. It's been going on for a long time, so he finally went and saw an orthopedic doctor today. They gave him some anti-inflammatory medicines & some light pain killers until he can get in for an MRI. He came home, mowed & edged the lawn, and even had a surprise for us when we got home ... he had found a baby bunny. He put it in a box w/ holes, and as soon as he opened it, the bunny hopped out and was running around the garage. He was finally able to catch it so we could take some pics and pet it (Autumn refused to pet it). Then he released it in the backyard where he had found it.

 A super generous family in our ward gave us some gift cards to a nice steak house for a wedding gift. So, we decided to use them tonight. We keep teasing Frank that he's a Texan now instead of an Okie.

 I'm so lucky to be married to such a handsome & kind & spiritual & hard working & funny guy!

 The food was really good, but it's not somewhere we'll be eating again anytime soon. It's on the expensive side! But we enjoyed our "splurge" and getting to spend time together.

 Autumn insisted on taking Frank to our favorite shaved ice place. Frank was blown away by the sizes of the shaved ice and how good it was. He went to pick up the base of the shaved ice & it was so top heavy that it just tipped right over onto the table. The server said she would bring us another one. We weren't about to waste good shaved ice, so we slurped up the parts that hadn't touched the table. LOL!

What a fun way to end our day. I'm so thankful that the medicine is working and that Frank's pain level went from a 9 to a 3, and this evening he said it was down to a 1. YAY for modern medicine.

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