Friday, June 9, 2017

Thank You Cards, First Costco Trip, & People of WalMart Cover

 Yesterday I had a bunch of pictures printed off at WalMart, so that today when I was done w/ all my work I was able to sit and fill out thank you notes to all the people that came to my surprise bridal shower & our open house. I just wrote on the back of these pictures w/ a Sharpie. My hand was cramping b/c I haven't written that much by hand in a long time. But it was so worth it, and Frank & I are beyond grateful for all the outpouring of love from friends, family, & our ward.

 For dinner tonight we decided to go to Costco. Everyone got a hot dog & drink combo since they're just $1.50, and then we got a pizza b/c we knew that wouldn't be enough to feed hungry boys. Frank & the boys had never been to a Costco before, and they were LOVING it. It was fun to watch them walk around and look at things w/ wide eyes.

 We LOVE the cashier guy in the background. When we first walked in, he complimented me on my earrings that looked like shields. Then he gave each of the boys a high five, he called Autumn a princess, and he gave Frank 2 thumbs up for having such a good looking family. He was such high energy & we all felt so good when we were around him. We didn't get in his check out line on purpose, it just happened and was meant to be. When we were in line earlier to get our food, he was also in line so I made him cut up to the front of the line w/ us and I told him we were buying his dinner for him. He ended up just wanting a drink, and we were happy to buy it for him. I LOVE people like this who just spread joy & happiness & goodness wherever they go.

 We came home & Frank signed his name to some of the thank you cards that I had filled out. It was nice to just sit on the couch and relax and talk after a long week of work.

We decided on the spur of the moment, after we were already in bed for the night to get up and go to WalMart for a few things we needed. Frank decided to be silly & see if he could get on the cover of "The People of WalMart" at 1:04 am. I think it's the boots & sunglasses that really make the whole outfit. LOL. We actually had a great time.

When we got home at 1:30 am, the boys were still awake so we decided to scare them. We ended up making Mason cry, & felt so bad! Little did we know, they ended up never going to bed and pulled an all nighter!

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