Friday, July 21, 2017

Family Fun

 Lexie sent me this picture & said that Andrew was such a good helper this morning. He got up & made everyone some toast & a shake. He even made a name tag for everyone & made sure they each had their favorite color of straw in their cup!

 My favorite detail is the way he spelled Autumn's name. It's b/c that is EXACTLY how he says her name. So cute.

 I got to drive/operate the forklift at work again today b/c a shipment came in & none of the guys were here. It's always funny to see people's reactions when they see a woman in a skirt using the forklift.

 As soon as work was over, I headed south to meet up w/ Lexie & Jon. Autumn had such a blast w/ them all week, but I'm so glad to have my baby girl back. We had dinner at a restaurant inside a gas station. It kind of reminded me of a mini Buc-ee's.

 I am so thankful for family & that we live close enough to see each other & spend time together.

 Frank left this morning when I did to head north. He met up w/ Marissa & took her out to lunch.

It's a good thing he went up there today, b/c he & Grant were able to help Marissa get moved into a new apartment that is going to be a lot better for when her baby is born. I'm thankful they were in the right place at the right time & the 3 of them were able to get it done in just one afternoon.

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