Thursday, July 20, 2017


 So tonight when Frank got home from work & got cleaned up we decided to do the #goodwilldatenight. Marissa had tagged us in a post on Facebook, so we wanted to try it. Now before anyone gets their panties in a wad & claims this is a perfect example of "white privilege" I want to say that I LOVE Goodwill. I LOVE to find good bargains. I know you can find lots of good things there. The point of this was to find the most MISTMATCHED & RANDOM things & wear them together. I really wish these glasses weren't such strong prescriptions, b/c otherwise we would have gotten them. It hurt my eyes so bad just to wear them for 20 seconds.

 This is the ROCKIN' outfit I found for Frank. The swimming shorts are actually great & he'll wear those at the pool.

 They didn't have a huge selection of plus size women's clothes, so my outfit wasn't too crazy. Although I do have to mention that you can't see the few cigarette burn spots on my pants.

 #goodwilldatenight challenge accepted! We even gave each other fake names of Larry & Trixie. We went to the grocery store like this, b/c we had to pick up a few things. There were a bunch of guys in one of the aisles that almost busted a gut b/c they were laughing so hard at Frank. He was such a good sport about it, and strutted around the store like he owned the joint. Just one more reason that I love him so much!

 We went to Cheddar's for dinner b/c that was one of the first places we went out to eat when we first met. One of the waiters actually commented on how much he liked Frank's shirt (and he was being dead serious).

 I think the napkin tucked into Frank's shirt really completes the whole look! I am so lucky to be out on a date w/ such a handsome & well dressed guy.

 He got the ribs to compare them to Rudy's. The ribs at Cheddar's were WAY BETTER by a LONG SHOT than Rudy's. The meat LITERALLY fell off the bone when he picked this up.

 When we got home, we realized that we should have switched accessories. I should have worn the tie, and he should have worn the scarf. LOL!

 I helped him load up the washer & dryer, b/c he is going to switch them out for the ones he had back at his house up in OK. He has to go up there to get his truck looked at, and to pick up the boys.

 Autumn got to spend the day doing nails w/ Aunt Lexie. So fancy!

Lexie sent me this picture saying that Autumn will randomly disappear in the afternoon & they find her curled up somewhere like this, taking a nap. I guess they're wearing her out w/ all the fun & excitement. She won't ever want to come home!

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Jen T said...

What a fun date night! Frank's outfit is awesome!!! So glad to see you so happy!!