Saturday, July 15, 2017

Temple, 2 BBQ's, Family, & An 80's Concert

 WHEW! What a day! It was non stop since the moment we got up. We got up, got Autumn ready for cheer, went & dropped her off at practice, and went to the temple. We got to be the witness couple, which was really cool. Frank got to see my favorite of the new films, and it was awesome to talk about what we learned while sitting in the celestial room together. We stopped at the distribution center to get him some new white pants b/c the ones he has are from before he lost a lot of weight & they are way too big. 

 Autumn's cheer coach is so awesome & had a BBQ after practice today. That way the kids & parents could all spend some time together and get to know each other better & bond. It's more like a family than just a cheer group.

 We came home, changed clothes, Autumn packed her overnight bag, we grabbed some things, and went over to Nick & Savi's. Frank was the BBQ master and did a great job on the hamburgers & hot dogs. I also had some chips & drinks, and Riannon brought some watermelon & a delicious pasta salad.

 Everyone's tummies were FULL & HAPPY! We Facetimed Papa & Mimi b/c today is their FORTIETH wedding anniversary (it's also Tara's birthday & her wedding anniversary ... LOVE & miss you, Tara). We for sure miss having them here to create memories w/ us, but we're so thankful for their example of service & sacrifice.

 Lexie was awesome & led us in a 30 minute water aerobics class. She's a great instructor and I could "feel the burn" even though it was all done in the water.

 This picture cracks me up, b/c it looks like Jon is choking Frank. He's not ... he's actually fixing him. Jon brought his adjusting equipment & did a lot to help loosen up Frank's shoulders that have been bothering him so bad. THANK YOU, Jon!

The kids had fun being together & playing games after we were done swimming. I love it when they get along & enjoy being together.

We had Chinese food for dinner, got everything cleaned up, and then everyone went their separate ways. Autumn is spending some time w/ Lexie & her family so it was hard to say goodbye to her.

Frank & I came home alone, which was weird but wonderful at the same time. We hurried and got ready to go to a FREE 80's cover band concert that Frank had found out about on Facebook this morning. It was so fun to do a crazy side ponytail, 80's makeup, and mismatched earrings.

I'm glad we got there early, b/c we were able to snag a seat sitting on some stones around a fountain. It was just open/free general admission, and it was so fun to sit back & "people watch" before the concert started.

The concert was RAD & totally TUBULAR! We had a great time dancing & singing along to the songs. It was a really high energy crowd & I'm so glad we went. I love it that Frank brings fun & excitement into my life. If it weren't for him, I would have been sitting on the couch watching TV tonight. We finally left around 10:30 so we could beat the traffic & get home a decent hour.

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