Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Walk With Lions

 Nate & Riannon are having some GRAND adventures in South Africa. They got to walk w/ a pride of lions today!
 They are crazy brave! There was an ostrich off in the distance, and one of the lions took off to chase it down and eat it! They're way more brave than I am.
 They also got to hang out w/ some cheetahs! What the what!?!?! I'm so happy that they're having such a wonderful time. It's been nice for the kids to get to FaceTime with them a few times.
 When I picked Olivia up from daycare today, she was intensely focused on her beautiful & colorful painting. So cute!
 After Frank got home & cleaned up, we went grocery shopping for a few things we needed.
 When we got home, Frank was rubbing Spencer's hands on his rough facial hair. Spencer was laughing like crazy, b/c I guess the bristles were tickling his hands. It was so funny & cute. Especially when Spencer tried to do it on his own face but didn't get the same result.
Olivia was so funny tonight, too. She brought Frank one of this "spicy cakes" made by "spicy flies." They're plastic poop emoji eggs like we use at Easter. We were laughing so hard b/c she was so serious about it.

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