Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bye, Rufio

IMG_1994 This morning for some lovely reason unbeknownst to me, Autumn decided to wake up at 4:00 am and was ready to be awake for the day. UGH.  I put cartoons on for her and fell asleep on the couch while she sat on my feet to keep them warm.  Then it was time to wake up and get ready for the day.  Rufio wanted to leave Autumn w/ a present to remember her by, so she got Autumn her own “wip-sick” which translated is lipstick.  Autumn LOVED it.  We all got ready for the day and then Rufio and I went and dropped her off at daycare.  I had planned on getting my oil changed and state inspection done after I dropped Rufio off at the airport, but when we drove by at 8:30, the place was already open so we zipped in there and got that done, which was SO NICE to have done.

IMG_1999We got on the freeway and thought we’d be stuck in traffic for forever, but we were in the HOV lane and zipped right on past all of the traffic.  We stopped to get this ahh-mazing spice called Foxpoint (Rufio wanted to try some b/c Mom uses it in everything and it makes everything taste so great).  That store wasn’t open yet, so we went across the street to this bakery.  They had a breakfast special of 2 eggs, toast, and home fries for only $2.99.  We both got that and it filled us up a ton.  By the time we were done eating, the spice store was open so we went and got the Foxpoint and then headed towards the airport.

We got there in record time b/c again there was no traffic.  I was so incredibly sad to see Rufio go b/c we are so close and have a special bond.  I never really got to know her when I was younger b/c we never lived in Utah, but when I went to BYU and then after I lived in one of her apartments after my mission we got really close.  She is one of the classiest and most loving women ever.  She is always serving others and is such a good example to me.  It was so nice having her here and having a week off of work so I could spend quality time w/ her.  I am incredibly grateful to have her in my life and I know Autumn & I will miss having her here.

IMG_2006 After I dropped her off, I stopped in at WalMart to get a few things (I ended up not getting anything b/c they didn’t have what I needed) and then I went and met Mom & Dad at the movie theater.  We saw Amelia, which is the movie about Amelia Earhart.  It was a good movie, but was a little slow and long.  There was some bad language and sexual content, but it was only rated PG which shocked me a little bit.

We came home and Mom & I headed up to the sewing room to work on my birthday present.  Dad went to run some errands and came home w/ the cutest little bug ever.  They came up to the sewing room to say hi and then disappeared back downstairs for a while.  They carved this cute pumpkin and look at the expression on Autumn’s face…she is so proud of herself.

IMG_2005 Here is the beautiful birthday present that Mom helped me make.  I had bought the black and pink version of this from The Tiny Seamstress, but when she started selling the pattern online, I bought one so I could make more b/c I love mine so much and have gotten so many compliments on it.  I cut out the fabric (under her direction) and then she did all the sewing.  I love it so much b/c we got to pick out the fabric together and make it together.  It means even more b/c I know that wasn’t her first choice of how to spend her afternoon but she did it for me anyways.  She’s such an awesome Mom and is talented beyond belief.

IMG_2009 After being tired from all that sewing, Mom made the most scrumptious homemade chicken soup.  What a woman!  After we ate, we just vegged and watched Survivor.  Autumn has to be the most spoiled little girl ever, b/c what other Papa rubs lotion on his granddaughter’s legs to help w/ the eczema?  He tells Autumn he’s putting lotion on her so she doesn’t become a Lizard Lady.  Her eczema really has gotten better since I changed her body soap and laundry detergent and kept her lotioned up.

IMG_2010 She was playing w/ her dolls and I noticed her go over and try to put her teddy bear on Emma’s back for a piggy back ride.  I laughed so hard when I looked at this picture closer, b/c Emma has her paw over her eyes and has her head down as if she’s embarrassed or ashamed.  Emma is so good to put up w/ Autumn and her antics.  I can tell that Emma doesn’t really like having Autumn pet her or get close, but she endures it anyways.

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