Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lots O’ Fun

This morning Autumn got up so I got her ready and then I got ready while she watched cartoons in bed w/ Rufio.  I dropped her off at daycare and then headed into work for a few hours even though I’m on vacation so I could get payroll done and call a few routes to make it easier on the girls there.  Usually when I’m not at work I worry about what’s going on, but I decided to enjoy my vacation and not stress about being gone from work.

I came home and got Rufio and we went shopping at Target for a few things and then we went to TJ Maxx to get a rug for in front of the sink in the kitchen.  We came home and made a frozen pizza (Frescheta) for lunch.  It was really good, and I will definitely be buying one of those again.  We also worked on typing up a one page sheet of information about Grandma for the people in her ward to get to know her better.

After that I had to leave to go to my OBGYN appointment.  I got in a lot faster this time and was so glad to have that done.  I’m not going to let another 2 1/2 years pass before getting my next one.  It’s not something I look forward to, but it’s one of those things that is good to have done and out of the way for this year.  I used to be so embarrassed about having that done, but since having a baby nothing like that bothers me any more.  I hope the results come back positive this time.

IMG_1957 I came home and we just vegged out and Dad went and picked up Autumn early from daycare.  Nate brought home this cool praying mantis that he found on the job.  It’s not nearly as cool as the one on Gina’s blog, but I’ll take it.


IMG_1960 Autumn loves having Dad as her own personal horsey.  She gets piggy back rides and just laughs the whole time, and so does Dad for that matter.

IMG_1964 We wanted to make sure and get a 4 generation picture.  Autumn & I are so lucky to have such beautiful and amazing and talented women in our lives.

IMG_1965 Dad was off of work tonight, and he said he wanted to take all of us to dinner, so we went to Texas Road House.  If you look close, you can see the moon on the left hand side of the picture by the American flag…kind of cool.

IMG_1966 We enjoyed eating the rolls w/ the sweet butter they give you along w/ our meals.  I love that we all kind of mix and match and share our food w/ each other so we all get a taste of what the others got.

IMG_1967 I am glad that my family is so close knit and that we like spending time w/ each other and get to create great memories.  We came home and watched Biggest Loser together.  I am excited for all the fun things we have planned for tomorrow like going to the temple and then going to Sam Moon.  Stay tuned for all the fun.


gina said...

lol...Another nature girl! That dude's legs are huge!

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