Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday Festivities

IMG_0487 This morning we got up and had pancakes and then just hung out and watched cartoons.  I think this picture of Lexie & the kids sitting together in the chair is so adorable.

IMG_0493 After pancakes it was time to put up the tree.  We got some Amy Grant Christmas music playing and went to town.  We had some trouble at the beginning getting the extension cord to work, but once we got the fuse replaced it worked just fine.  I’m glad we only have a 8’ Christmas tree and not a 16’ like Courtney said she has at her house.

IMG_0496 We couldn’t reach the top branches, so Nate put Courtney up on his shoulders so she could put lights on the tall branches.  Then Jon came in and helped us finish the very top.

IMG_0502 We were talking about how strong Nate was to keep Courtney up on his shoulders for so long (even though she weighs practically nothing).  I was saying he would be really strong if he could lift me up.  So, he tried and was actually able to do it.  Look at his face…classic!

IMG_0523 This year we decided to put up the train for the kids to enjoy, which we haven’t done in the past 3 years.  They just laid there on their tummies and watched it go around and around for a long time.  They got so much enjoyment from the train, so I’m glad we put it up this year.

IMG_0517 We asked Dad if he was going to take down the scary bat since it’s not Halloween anymore and instead of taking it down, he decided to make it a festive scary bat!

IMG_0529 While we were bringing down all the boxes of Christmas dishes and decorations, Dad found a box of my stuff up in the attic.  There was a bunch of nostalgic stuff in there from when I was little.  For example, this is a thing Mom made for me to match  my teddy bear she made me. I thought it would be cute to get a picture of Autumn wearing it.  I’ll have to go back in my old pictures and see if I can find the one of me wearing it.

IMG_0533 Lexie & Jon are obsessed w/ the Texas Longhorns and have been teaching Andrew to say, “Hook ‘Em Horns.”  Autumn wanted in on the fun too, and learned how to make the horns sign and say it.  It’s so adorable when Andrew says it.

IMG_0535 Autumn & I went home b/c my car was having some troubles and so we took it over to Liberty’s for him to look at.  Luckily it was just the tube that connected the radiator to the engine.  He just cut off the bad part of the tube and reconnected it.  Autumn & I went home and got cleaned up for the day and she was hungry so we had some toast and a can of fruit.  She always wants to be up on the counter so she can see what’s going on.

IMG_0539 Mom called and said everyone was going to Chipotle for lunch and that we should come meet them there.  I thought this picture of Andrew trying to take a bite of this monster-huge burrito was funny.

IMG_0540 Nate & Courtney

IMG_0543 Mom & Nick

IMG_0541 Lex, Jon, Andrew, Me & Autumn

IMG_0555 The family that fits in the same snuggie together, stays together! LOL!

IMG_0569 When Dad got home from work, the kids wanted him to come look at the train w/ them.  I thought this was a sweet picture of everyone laying on the ground together to watch the train.

IMG_0577 Mom had gone to Costco after we ate at Chipotle and she came home w/ these presents for the ADORABLE dress for Autumn that came w/ matching tights and then this Spiderman shirt for Andrew b/c he thinks he’s Peter Parker.

IMG_0578 We spent the rest of the evening watching football and playing games like Rummikub and Kings, Queens & Peons.  For dinner we had grilled salmon and spinach.  Mom was going to make some homemade tartar sauce, and so she opened up this jar of pickles.  We tasted one of the pickles and it was really soggy and didn’t taste very good.  We also noticed the pickles were a weird color.  We looked at the side of the jar and noticed the sell by date was Nov 1999!  No wonder they didn’t taste very good…they were TEN years old!

It was a fun day getting the tree and lights up and just spending time together as a family.  I didn’t do any of the Black Friday shopping stuff.  I’ve always wanted to do it, but there’s never been anything I was really needing and wanting enough to get up at 4 am.  Maybe next year…

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kcwatson said...

I have heard about the bat from Andrew. In Andrew's words the bat is "just freaky!" And shopping at 4am...not worth it! We learned our lesson....we wanted a few things, ordered 1 thing on line and got it, the rest we went to get at the store, could not even walk through the isles at 5am! Lines went to the back of the store! dumb.