Saturday, November 28, 2009

Special Saturday

IMG_0579 Every night when Andrew says his prayers he makes sure to include, “and go to Papa’s house and ride the lawn mower and throw sticks in the water.”  Well, Dad didn’t disappoint and took the kids for a ride on the lawn mower.  He drove them to the top of this hill and then they went down and it was super fast.

IMG_0583 Then they drove over to the lot and Dad let Andrew put his hands on the wheel.  Look at the joy on Andrew’s face.

IMG_0585 After we got over to the lot, it was time to gather sticks so the kids could go throw them in the creek.


IMG_0599 The kids had the best time throwing sticks in the water.  We had quite the pile for them to choose from.

IMG_0601 Dad had to hold onto their clothes so they wouldn’t get too close to the edge.  The longer they were throwing sticks in the water, the braver they got so he had to keep them from getting too over zealous.


IMG_0607 After throwing sticks in the water it was time to go back up to the lawn mower.  I think these two pictures of Dad w/ the grandkids are precious.  They look up to him and love him so much.

IMG_0615 I adore this picture of them flying over a big hill of dirt.  Both Andrew & Autumn are “driving” and Dad has such a happy and content expression on his face.

IMG_0623 After all the fun outside, we came in to have some breakfast.  Nate made omelets for everyone w/ green peppers out of the garden.  The omelets were soooooo tasty and flavorful.

IMG_0629 I left Autumn w/ Mom & Dad and went home to get cleaned up and then I headed down to Dallas to go to the temple.  Liz & Liberty took their endowments out today.  This is the Mayberry’s (Liz’s best friend’s family).

IMG_0634 Then here’s Liz & Liberty w/ Liz’s family.  It was really neat b/c Liz’s Grandma & Grandpa got to lead the session.

IMG_0635 I was so thankful that I got to be there with them and share such a wonderful experience.

IMG_0630 Here’s the happy couple.  It will be great when they get to be sealed together in February.  They are such wonderful people and I am so fortunate to have them as such good friends.

IMG_0636 I came home and Dad was running around the living room and kitchen chasing the kids.  He caught Andrew and took his socks off and put them on his ears!  The kids were laughing so hard.

IMG_0640 Dad read them a book once everyone settled down from running around.  We spent most of the evening watching the BYU/U of U game (GO COUGARS!).  We also had a big turkey that we gave Curt to fry for us (he was doing 3 of 4 others and told us to bring one over for him to do if we wanted him to).  It was amazing and so was the spiral cut ham we had.

IMG_0642 Autumn was sitting on Mom’s lap and Mom told me to get my camera quick b/c Autumn was trying to put her foot in Mom’s footie nylons!  Where does she come up with this stuff?  What a crazy (but CUTE) kid!

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