Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lola & Visiting Teaching & Jewelry

IMG_0027 Today at work Liberty brought Lola in so everyone could see her.  It gave me a chance to try out my new camera.  Lola is so tiny (she only weighs 2 lbs 2 oz) and had fun running around the office.

IMG_0030 She got held and loved on by everyone in the office.  We’ve decided Liz should bring her into work everyday and Lola can be our work mascot.

IMG_0034 She was tuckered out from all the fun and spent a long time just resting on Mary’s lap.  She’s so adorable and it makes me want a puppy now.

IMG_0035 After work, Mom called and said she wanted to go out to dinner, so we met her at Napoli’s.  The guy that owns it came over and talked to us for a while b/c he knows us b/c we’ve been going there for years.  The food is incredible and I was glad we had some leftovers so I can eat them for lunch tomorrow.
 IMG_0038 Mom came over to the house so she could watch Autumn for me while I went to my visiting teaching group.  This time we had to meet kind of late (8 pm) b/c some of the women had to be late due to their kids’ football games.  We met at Cheesecake Factory and had a great time.  I got the white berry cheesecake and it was good, but definitely not $8 worth of good!!!  The avocado eggrolls were AH-MAZING though!  Zulema is so sweet and humble and naturally beautiful.  Stephanie is a total kick in the pants and had us laughing the whole night.

IMG_0039Karri brought her niece, Ashley, and it was fun to have her there.  She said we reminded her of the Housewives of Atlanta and said we could be the Housewives of Dallas b/c we were so fun and crazy.  Karri is just awesome and it’s always a party wherever she goes.  She is so good to Autumn & I and I appreciate her friendship so much.  We decided to take a silly picture (that’s why Karri has straws coming out of her nose and I have whip cream on my nose).

IMG_0041 Rachael is a ball of energy.  She just had knee surgery yesterday and the same day was up and walking all around Target!  She showed up late b/c she had just been to a jewelry party that a lady in our ward was having.  She showed us some of the stuff she had bought and I knew I had to go to this party and get some for presents (or myself).


IMG_2204 Here’s just a tiny sample of what was available.  All of the jewelry was gorgeous and so unique.  I love that the necklace on the right matches the quit little tin that it came in.  If you want to buy some for gifts (or for yourself) you can visit Amy’s etsy shop HERE.

I got home kind of late (THANK YOU SO MUCH MOM FOR WATCHING AUTUMN FOR ME).  Nate was there b/c we wanted to watch the second video of Underworld since it had to be back to Blockbuster tomorrow.  It’s usually rated R, but we fast forwarded through all the naughty parts so it could be PG-13.  Now all I need to do is watch the third movie (which is really the first one chronologically w/ the storyline).  I was SOOOO tired and am not used to staying up until midnight, but it was worth it and it was fun to spend some time w/ Nick & Nate.  Today was a super fun day.

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Ashley and Aaron said...

I want to steal that puppy! Looks like you had a great day. Aaron always wants to watch the underworld movies when they come on TV but they freak me out! I am a wimp when it comes to stuff like that though. Autumn's hair is so long now! She is such a little lady!