Monday, November 16, 2009

Yummy Veggies & A New Camera

IMG_0001 On nights when I’m burned out from working all day, I’ll come home and want to make something fast and easy yet healthy.  So, my new “go to” meal is a frozen bag of veggies that I steam and then a box of chicken flavored rice.  I am so glad that Autumn loves to eat her veggies and hope the rotten kids at school (when she’s older) won’t make her not want to eat her veggies by saying, “Eww.  That’s gross.  How can you like eating that?”  I hope she’ll ignore them and always like eating veggies.

IMG_0002 She must have been tired and worn out tonight too, b/c she decided to just use her fingers instead of her fork.  She would pick up a veggie w/ her finger and put her head back and feed it to herself.  She reminded me of a baby bird.  A very CUTE baby bird at that!

If you’ll notice, the quality of my pictures improved thanks to the new camera I bought.  I got a Canon Rebel XS and it came w/ a second macro lens.  I am so excited to start trying it out and taking tons of pictures.  I sat and read the whole manual from start to finish.  It was a big investment but was one of those things that I’ve been researching for a long time and it’s something I will get good use out of.  It’s my Happy Birthday/Happy Thanksgiving/Merry Christmas/Happy New Year etc. present.  I decided to get it now so I can use it for family Christmas pictures that we always take during Thanksgiving when we’re all together.  If you know of any great websites on how to take awesome pictures just let me know!

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The Watson's said...

I am so glad you love it! You're pictures look great and they turn out so much better in my blog book.