Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Puppy


IMG_2185 This morning when I woke up Autumn said, “I missed you Mama.”  It completely melted my heart and even made me cry a little bit.  She’s such a love bug.  She loved being able to wear this dress and her cute red headband.  She kept twirling around like she was a princess.  Today was the Primary Program and I got teary eyed a few times thinking how Autumn will be up there before I know it.  And I can’t help but feel the Spirit when those sweet and innocent children say simple but powerful gospel truths and it really gets me when they sing.

IMG_2189 They were short handed in nursery today, so I helped out for a little bit.  Autumn did not like sharing me w/ the other kids and stayed right on my lap or by my side.  But then when it was snack time I was able to sneak away b/c I had to go lead the music in Relief Society.  The lesson was on Joseph Smith so for the practice hymn I played Vocal Point’s accapela version of Praise To The Man.  It is amazing.

IMG_2190 After church we came home and had lunch and then took a nap.  When we both woke up, we made cherry chip cake w/ cream cheese frosting.  Autumn is such a good little helper in the kitchen.  While it was baking we watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the new one w/ Johnny Depp) b/c it was on TV.  During a commercial I flipped over to another channel and Autumn said, “Thank you, Mama.”  I guess she didn’t like it and Johnny Depp scared her.  She was all about watching Hannah Montana instead.  When I put it on “Nah Nah” as she calls it she looked up at me w/ the sweetest little face and said, “Dank do, Mama.”  She brings so much joy into my life.

IMG_2194 Liz & Liberty came over to show us their new puppy they got yesterday.  She’s a little shizu named Lola.  She is absolutely adorable and liked playing w/ the tassels on the rug in the living room.  It made me want a cute little puppy, especially b/c Autumn loved Lola so much and was so excited to have her visit.

IMG_2200 Aww…what a cute family picture.  Autumn was helping me take this picture and had her finger over part of the flash (that’s why it’s dark on Liz’s side of the pic).  I am so glad that Liz & Liberty live close and that they come over to visit us.

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