Monday, November 30, 2009

Nursemaid Elbow

Tonight after school/work we went over to Mom & Dad’s house b/c she had made some turkey bone soup.  It was super scrumptious.  Dad took Autumn to the store to get an extension cord b/c the one on their Christmas tree went out.  While they were gone, I went on a walk/jog around the neighborhood.  They came back w/ these pretty blue ornaments that Autumn had picked out.

IMG_0682It was getting late, so I went and put Autumn in the car.  She didn’t want to leave, but I had to get her home to bed.  We got in the car and a song came on the radio so I started to sing along w/ it and she was tired and cranky and didn’t want me to sing so she started throwing a fit and kicking and screaming.  I just ignored it b/c I knew she was acting out b/c she was tired.  We got home and I got her in the house and she was holding her arm and saying that it hurt.  I thought maybe she had hit her hand on the door and bruised it when she was throwing her fit.

While I got her bottle ready she put a dish towel on her hand.  Then when I gave her the bottle she put it on her hand and was still crying saying it hurt.  I put her in bed and after we said prayers she looked at me and said, “my brain hurt.”  I gave her some Tylenol to help w/ her headache from crying and also her hand.  She went to sleep and I got out our $15 Christmas tree and put some lights on it that Dad let us borrow.

I heard Autumn wake up and start crying again and it wasn’t just a sad cry.  It was a hurt cry.  I went in to check on her and she was still holding her arm.  So, I finally called Dad to see if I should take her over to the clinic.  He said it was probably a nursemaids elbow and that he would be right over to look at it (this was at 10:30 pm).  Sure enough, he looked at it and was able to pop it back into place and Autumn was moving it around just fine within one minute.

It was such a hard thing for me to witness as a Mom, b/c I wanted to help her so much and knew there was nothing I could do for her.  Her tears and crying just broke my heart.  I’m so incredibly thankful Dad was able to fix it so easily and quickly.  I hate that feeling of helplessness.  Before she got into bed, we said her nightly prayers and prayed that Heavenly Father would bless her arm and I started crying when she repeated what I said about Heavenly Father helping her feel better.  It was the sweetest and most tender little prayer ever uttered.

IMG_0684 It was such a huge relief when she started feeling better.  Since Papa & Mimi were there and Autumn was already up we decided to put her pretty blue ornaments on our tree.

IMG_0689 This one had glitter all over it and Autumn got some of it all over her cheeks.  We asked her what color they are and she said, “red.”  Guess we’ll have to keep working on colors with her.


IMG_0690 Here’s our cute little Christmas tree.  It’s a little ghetto looking, but it was only $15 and I’m totally fine w/ how it is.  I put some lights on it that you can program to flash fast or slow, so I put them on a slow fade, which looks awesome in the dark living room.  I’m feeling so festive & that it’s officially the Christmas season now that we have a tree up.

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