Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Starbucks Anyone?

Tonight was a little hectic for me.  I found out one of the ladies in my visiting teaching group needed our help.  Her mother is in the hospital so we decided to take some meals in so that she wouldn’t have to worry about cooking for her family and could spend more time up at the hospital w/ her mom.  I offered to take dessert over b/c Rachael was already going to take them dinner tonight.  I picked up Autumn from daycare and then we ran to the store to get some of the ingredients I needed to make cheesecake sopapillas.  Then we rushed home and made them really quick and baked them.  After they were done baking, we ran them over to Stephanie’s house.  It was raining really hard and I couldn’t see the house #’s from the street, so it took a while to find her house.  But, we found it eventually and dropped off our plate of goodies.

Then we rushed home so I could put Autumn to bed and Nick watched her while I ran over to Starbucks to meet up w/ Susie and Rachael.  Rachael is so much fun and at our visiting teaching get together at Cheesecake Factory, she said she had a good friend who has a brother that lives in AZ that is single and she wanted to see about playing matchmaker.  I was up for anything and told her to go ahead and set it up.  So, Rachael set it up for her and Susie (this guy’s sister) and I to meet up at Starbucks tonight.  Susie introduced me to Starbucks’ white hot chocolate drink and oh my goodness was it incredible!

Anyways, we all just sat and talked and I really like Susie a lot.  She seems like someone I would be good friends with.  We just hit it off.  She told me about her brother and he seems like a nice guy, and she also told me to add him as a friend on Facebook, which I will do.  So, we’ll see how it goes and even if it doesn’t work out, a girl can never have enough friends!

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