Sunday, December 13, 2009

Snow Angels & The Hatch Family Christmas Party

 IMG_1355 We woke up this morning to even more snow than we already had.   Nick decided he wanted to be crazy and daring, so he went outside w/ no coat and no shoes to make a snow angel!

IMG_1356 I didn’t think he would actually do it, but he sure did.  He’s crazy and you couldn’t pay me to do what he did, but he said he had fun doing it.

IMG_1362We got all of our stuff packed up in the car and drove up to Aunt Jeri’s for the annual Hatch Christmas party.  Here’s Rufio getting the yummy pork roast ready for the big dinner.  She went all out and even busted out the surgical gloves so she could rub her special spices all over the pork.  It tasted incredible!

IMG_1365 Aunt Jeri made these super fashionable pins for all the sisters/nieces to take home as a lovely parting gift from the party.  I loved the one I picked out and she was telling us we can wear them on our shirts or put them on our coats or even our purses.  I will for sure be wearing mine all the time.  She has so much talent she just oozes w/ it.

IMG_1376 I was so glad that Brecklynn was there so that Autumn had a cousin/friend to play with.  They were so cute together and Brecklynn was so nice to share her Ariel doll w/ Autumn.  They held hands and walked around together.  SO CUTE!  I love that Brecklynn is so blonde hair and blue eyed and Autumn’s got the dark eyes and brunette hair.  Complete opposites but yet each so adorable in their own way.

IMG_1417 Aunt Jeri had some fun decorations up around her house.  And some of that amazing talent she has rubbed off on her kids, b/c they are talented, too.  There were some boxes that couldn’t be moved, so Jennifer just covered them up w/ a white sheet and used some scrapbook paper to make eyes and a smile and a nose for a snowman’s face and then put her hat on top of the boxes to make them just blend in w/ the other decorations.

Once everyone got to Aunt Jeri’s, we had a huge feast.  Rufio had made the pork roast and we had salads and potatoes and rolls and drinks and dessert.  We were all stuffed within a matter of a few minutes, but that didn’t keep us from going back for seconds (or in Nick’s case, thirds).

IMG_1393After we had all stuffed ourselves silly, Jennifer did a cute little presentation on all the different ways you could use this plastic circle thing.  In this picture she was demonstrating how to use it as a hat and then you can take it off and throw it at the dog outside that poops in your yard.  She is so stinkin’ creative and she ended by giving us all a cute cone of Hershey’s kisses that you can put in the hole in the middle of the disc (it’s actually a Frisbee).  After her presentation, it was time for the best part of the evening…the white elephant gift exchange.

IMG_1395 Josh got some awesome Halloween boxers (it’s the rule that if you get an article of clothing that you have to put it on), so he wore them on his head.


IMG_1397 Uncle Keith got some Wizards of Waverly lipstick, which he so kindly gave to Brecklynn.  She was nice enough to share it w/ Autumn.  They had so much fun putting their lipstick on together.  Matt got a corset purse and inside of it was a tie that said “What would Jesus do?” on it…kind of ironic.

IMG_1399 Tyson got these awesome glasses w/the fake nose and eyebrows and glasses.  He & Rachelle looked so cute in them and we were all laughing so hard.

IMG_1404 Brecklynn, Melanie, Mike & Abby (in a car seat on the floor)

IMG_1405 Kelli, Klansee, Craig

IMG_1406 Austin, Rachelle, Tyson, Matt

IMG_1407 Maddy, Aaron, Luke

IMG_1409 Chris & Cade (brothers)

IMG_1373 Josh & his friend Bruno

IMG_1410 Payton, Jennifer & Chris

IMG_1415 Jana & Keith

IMG_1416Jill, Carly (her husband & older girl were at home sick), Ellery, Rick

IMG_1413 The 4 girls & Rufio

This party was the whole reason we were even coming to Utah in the first place (before we found out Grandma Johnson had passed away).  It was such a riot to be w/ family and just eat and laugh and talk and spend time together.  I am truly blessed to know who my aunts and cousins are and to have good and loving relationships w/ them.

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