Monday, December 14, 2009

Sweet Sisters

IMG_1419 I had a hard time sleeping last night, b/c I was so excited about today.  Autumn & I got to meet Ashley & Bianca for the first time.  Ashley & I have become great friends for over a year now just through keeping in touch via the internet, but today we finally got to meet in person.  Bianca & Ashley came to pick us up and we went over to Cassie’s apartment.  Do you think any random person on the street would think these two are sisters if they saw them together?  I for sure think so.

IMG_1421 I wasn’t sure how Autumn would act around Bianca, b/c she’s never really been around a little baby for very long.  But, all my fears were put to rest right away, b/c Autumn wanted to sit on the couch and hold Bianca right away and was so cute and loving towards her.  They must know on some spiritual level that they are sisters and are connected.

IMG_1422 We all went over to Kneaders to sit and talk and eat lunch.  The three of us had a great time just getting to know each other better.  It’s so sad that we had to meet under such rotten and unfavorable circumstances (Jason), but I am so happy that we are all friends and have made such a great thing out of a bad situation.  As you can tell, both of the little girls were tired of us sitting and talking…they were ready to go.

IMG_1424So, we all headed over to DI’s (it’s like Goodwill for those of you not from Utah).  Autumn had a little melt down when we got into the store and kept running away from me.  Thank goodness for Ashley & Cassie.  Cassie was pushing Bianca around in a cart while Ashley went and got Autumn for me and talked her into being a good girl and shopping w/ us.  I wonder what people thought when they say us 5 girls together.  Some people might think it’s strange that we’re such good friends, but none of us think it’s strange at all.  We’re just so glad we all have each other and that we can understand what the other 2 have been through.  Like I said, we’ve made lemonade out of lemons and it’s a wonderful thing.

IMG_1423I found these cute red shoes for Autumn and she insisted on putting them on right away.  Now we can be twinners.  I also found 2 other pairs of church shoes for Autumn.  She was needing some new ones bad b/c the only ones I had for her were getting to be way too small.

IMG_1428 After DI, we said good bye to Cassie b/c she had to leave for work.  Ashley & I took the girls to have their pictures taken.  Ashley had these 2 matching dresses, and they fit the girls perfectly.  I love this picture of them looking at each other.

IMG_1429 I could not get enough of Bianca and how cute and kissable she is.  The girls did a great job together and we were able to get some amazing pictures in just a few frames.  I was super pleased w/ how cute they turned out and can’t wait to get the actual photos in the mail.

IMG_1431 After the pictures, both girls were super tired, so we went back to Ashley’s house to let them chill out for a while.  We put Mulan on and then the girls took a nap.

IMG_1445 While they were sleeping, Ashley’s mom was nice enough to watch them for us so we could sneak away to the store.  We bought some kits at Roberts (I wish we had that store in TX) to make flowers for the girls’ hair.

IMG_1446 Here are the fruits of our labors, and I think we did a great job, and it didn’t take us very long at all.  We were so excited for the girls to wake up so we could make them wear their new bows.  While we were making bows, Ashley’s Mom was making some mouth watering southwest eggrolls w/ an out of this world avocado dipping sauce.

IMG_1447 The girls woke up and I couldn’t help but put a picture of Bianca in her exer-saucer w/ a picture of Autumn in her exer-saucer when they are at about the same age.  Bianca was so loveable and kissable and squeezable and I couldn’t get enough of her.

DSC04147 Do you think they look like they’re related?  This was Autumn at the same age as the picture of Bianca above.  I only wish that Mindi & the other 3 kids still lived in Utah so that we could have seen them as well.  I know that I sure missed seeing them on this trip.

IMG_1458 Autumn kept giving Bianca kisses and hugs and thoroughly enjoyed playing w/ her sister.  It was so touching to see them together.  I felt such a closeness to Ashley & Bianca.  I wasn’t sure how everything would go, especially since we were spending the whole day together.  I didn’t know if we would get tired of each other or if it would be awkward at all.  It was the complete opposite of that…I didn’t want to leave and it felt like we had known each other forever (we probably have) and that we’d been close friends our whole lives.  I am truly blessed to have such a bond w/ Ashley & Bianca and plan to definitely keep in touch w/ them so Autumn & Bianca can know each other and keep that bond.  Bianca is as sweet as can be and Ashley is definitely a kindred spirit.

IMG_1464 After a day of non-stop fun, it was time to go back to Rufio’s.  Aunt Jill was there visiting and she wanted to see the pictures I took at the party yesterday.  I thought this was a sweet picture of Autumn & Rufio & Aunt Jill looking at the laptop together.

IMG_1465 Autumn kept wanting Rufio to trace her hand, but she had to help.  Rufio is such a good sport about playing w/ Autumn and making her feel so special and cared about.  They have such a special bond.

IMG_1469 She even let Autumn keep putting “wip-stick” on her.  It will be hard to say goodbye and leave tomorrow.  We’ve had such a great time and Rufio is definitely the “hostess w/ the mostest.”  She makes sure we’re comfortable and fed and happy and cared for.  There is such a feeling of warmth and love in her house.

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glenda said...

I was so touched by relationship you've made with Ashley so that Autumn and Bianca can have a relationship too.