Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Texas Or Bust

IMG_1470 This morning we got up and got all our stuff packed up and ready to go.  We wanted to get a 4 generation picture (I had no idea Autumn had her hand on my chest, but when you’re a Mom, you don’t even notice stuff like that anymore).  This was the best picture of Autumn out of the three we took, so it will just have to work.

DSC01482_020_020Look at how much Autumn has changed in just a little less than 3 years.  I don’t think the rest of us have changed all that much.  There is so much love in these pictures.

IMG_1487 I walked around Rufio’s house taking pictures of some of the neat things she has.  I think this was my favorite thing…a picture of her and Grandpa when they were younger and then when they were older.  There is something so nostalgic and intriguing about old pictures.

IMG_1540 We left at 11:00 to drop off a few things and go up to the airport.  We had 2 layovers and the only way we got through the long day was thanks to being able to watch Mulan and Shrek on my laptop.  Autumn also enjoyed getting drinks and peanuts.  I really like flying Southwest b/c they have lots of room to put your legs out under the seats and there are no fees for your bags.

IMG_1542 We had a 3 hour layover in Phoenix and I’m pretty sure Autumn & I walked about 3 miles.  She kept wanting to walk down a super long corridor of moving walkways.  We did that about 5 different times.  But, she also took a little break to eat some dinner and watch Shrek while the laptop battery was recharging.

IMG_1544 This picture completely sums up our whole trip…we LOVED being in Utah (the hearts), but we are glad to be back home in Texas (the star in the middle).  I want to try and make it up to Utah at least once a year, b/c 2 years is just too long not to see all the people Autumn & I know and love in Utah.

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