Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A & B

A&B 1 Autumn & Bianca

A&B 3 Adorable Babies

A&B 4 Absolutely Beautiful

A&B 5Actually Breathtaking

A&B 2 Awesome Blessings

IMG_2467 When Autumn & I were in Utah in December, Ashley & I took the girls to have their pictures taken. Ashley just happened to have two dresses that matched and they fit Autumn & Bianca perfectly. Autumn & I got a fun package in the mail today from Ashley & Bianca and it was the pictures we had taken. I know the quality on the pictures isn’t very good b/c our scanner isn’t the best, but just look past that and look at how adorable the girls are. My favorite picture is the one of them looking at each other and holding hands.

It is so true that Autumn & Bianca are awesome blessings in mine and Ashley’s lives. Even though the circumstances through which our two babies were brought to us are far less than desirable, we are blessed beyond belief to have these sweet and innocent little girls in our lives. I am eternally thankful that Ashley & I have a good relationship and even beyond that, that we are friends. Something wonderful has come from a horrible situation. I am so glad that Autumn and Bianca will know each other and have a relationship.

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JON and LEXIE GUYMON said...

Aww, those are such cute pictures. LOVE YA!!!