Wednesday, January 13, 2010


IMG_2284 The sunrise this morning was breathtaking. This picture doesn’t even begin to do it justice, but when I see a sunrise like this, I don’t understand how people cannot believe in God. I think of sunrises like this as Heavenly Father’s way of letting me know I’m loved, b/c why else would He create such an incredible sight for me to enjoy?

IMG_2286Today at work, someone brought in an order form for Girl Scout cookies, b/c his daughter is in Girl Scout’s. I love the thin mints, but I don’t buy any boxes of those b/c you can get Keebler’s grasshopper cookies and those are pretty much the same thing. I always get a box or two of Tagalongs (the peanut butter ones) and then some boxes of Samoas, b/c you can’t find those type of cookies anywhere else. Too bad the box of Samoas doesn’t come w/ a real Samoan man, b/c I would buy a case full if they did! Anyways, when I was filling out the order form, I had to laugh b/c of what they had on there in light blue writing…

“Cookies can be part of a balanced healthy lifestyle.”
“Milk and cookies strengthen your bones.”

IMG_2436 Dad went and picked Autumn up early from daycare so she could go shopping w/ him at Home Depot. It’s become “their thing” to go shopping there together and then they go get french fries at McDonald’s. I went over to Mom & Dad’s to get Autumn after I got off work and Mom had made a big pot of chicken and veggie soup. It’s so healthy and tasty. Dad got home w/ Autumn and they very sneakily went into the formal living room to work on a project. When they were done, they called Mom & I in to see what they had done. This is what they did…they turned the scary bat into a Valentine’s Day bat! So much for hoping the scary bat would be coming down anytime soon. Looks like he’s a permanent fixture in our house.

IMG_2439 Autumn had a blow out and got her pants and shirt all dirty (that’s why she’s only wearing a diaper in the middle of winter). She is such a girly girl and loves brushing Mom’s hair, and it’s good b/c Mom LOVES having her hair brushed.

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