Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How Lucky Am I…

IMG_2382 How lucky am I…that I got to go to WalMart w/ Autumn after work/school to get some groceries and then come home and watch her make mummy hot dogs.

IMG_2384 How lucky am I…that I got to watch the joy in her eyes as she sat and looked at them baking in the oven.

IMG_2385 How lucky am I…that I got to capture this stunning smile of hers on camera and that I get to see it every single day.

IMG_2386 How lucky am I…that while I was baking cookies (ironically while watching the Biggest Loser) Autumn was lying on the floor drawing me pictures.

IMG_2389 How lucky am I…that when I told her it was time for bed I got this “Oh, no” look from her.  But the best thing was getting to tuck her into bed and her asking me to sing, “I am a child of God” and “I love to see the temple” to her while she sang along before going to sleep.


How lucky am I?

You decide.

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Sheila and Jeremy and said...

Autumn is so big and beautiful! You are way lucky to have such an amazing little girl. Miss you!