Friday, January 15, 2010

Super Surprises

IMG_2474 Today I wanted to do something to make Autumn feel special at school, b/c my Mom always used to do that for me. So, I drove up to her school on my lunch break to surprise her. Mom & Dad met me there, too. She had just pooped and had a blow out all over her legs and up her back. I got her cleaned up and then it was time for lunch.

IMG_2475 Dad is SO GOOD w/ kids…maybe that’s why he’s a pediatrician. He was going around asking the kids if they needed any help and just talking to them and asking how their day was. It was so cute.

IMG_2478 After all the kids finished their lunch, we got out the Little Debbie heart cakes for dessert. You can’t really tell in this picture, but there is a “3” candle in the middle of Autumn’s little snack cake. She loved getting to blow it out.

IMG_2480 She was so happy we came to see her and to have all her classmates sing her Happy Birthday. I think her favorite thing, though was the Happy Birthday balloon.

IMG_2481 After work/school, we came home and had some dinner. Then we went out to check the mail. There was a package from Jason in there for Autumn. Her favorite thing was this pink princess camera/kalediscope. She was “taking pictures” left and right.

IMG_2484 She also loved this princess watch that had lip gloss inside it.

IMG_2490 If anyone ever wondered if kids imitate what they see in life, these pictures should answer that question. Autumn was taking pictures of everything. HMM…I wonder where she learned that from?


IMG_2501 The best surprise today was that Autumn went potty on the toilet!!! While we were at her classroom today, her teacher said she’s good about going potty on the toilet. So, I decided to try it again at home. We’ve tried it before but she wasn’t ready. I put big girl panties on her when we got home and had her try and go potty. She told me I couldn’t be in there when she went, so I went and stood in the hall where she couldn’t see me and she went potty! I was so happy I started jumping for joy and gave her a high five when she was done washing her hands. After going potty, it was back to taking pictures.

IMG_2489 IMG_2493 Since her camera doesn’t take real pictures, I thought it would be fun to pretend like I was her and take pictures of the things she was taking pictures of so she can see what some of her first pictures would be if her camera were real. That way she can look back and laugh about it someday when she’s a famous photographer. She took a lot of pictures of her balloon.

IMG_2494 She took pictures of what we had for dinner.

IMG_2504 Then she wanted to take pictures of me. When I went to take a picture of myself to put on here from her perspective, she noticed how I held the camera and started holding her camera out to take a picture of us together. She is a little sponge and soaks up everything I do.

IMG_2498 Here’s our self portrait. Cute, no?

IMG_2503 Here’s to my little photographer in the making.

Since this blog is mine & Autumn’s journal/life history/scrapbook all in one, I thought I should document for Autumn that her Dad got married to Nicole Bonnett today.


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Oh she looks so cute with her little camera and copying you. I LOVE YOU AUTUMN and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!