Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday Treats

IMG_2299 Today at work, it was so incredibly slow.  But, I’m trying to enjoy the slow time, b/c I know this summer is going to be CRAZY BUSY!  Anyways, a new guy named RJ started working last week and his wife and 2 adorable kids came in today to visit him.  His wife brought us two plates full of cookies and chocolate covered strawberries.  These chocolate cookies were insanely good.  I’ll post the recipe for them when I get it next week.  It was a fun surprise to help make the day go by faster.

IMG_2670 Tonight Autumn wanted to play w/ her little farm toy that makes noises and plays games.  The toy makes an animal noise and you have to push which animal makes that noise.  I would cup my hand around my ear and say, “Let’s listen,” when it would make the animal sounds.  Autumn started doing it too, and I thought it was so cute.  I’ve noticed that I have to be more careful about what I say and do, b/c she’s started to copy me.

IMG_2673 I love the ladies at Autumn’s daycare, b/c I’ll send her in w/ a cute hairdo, but they send her home some days w/ an even cuter one.  Today she had an awesome fish tail braid.  She loved it and wanted to show it off.  What a girly girl!  I’ll have to ask her teachers how to do that so I can fix her hair like that.  It really does look pretty cool.

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