Monday, February 1, 2010

Frozen Yogurt & Pickles

IMG_2802 No, those are not things I am craving.  And I’m also not pregnant.  Those are just two different things Autumn & I bonded over tonight.  Yesterday at stake conference I had a strong impression that I need to start doing more things w/ Autumn at night.  Usually she just plays w/ her dolls while I watch TV.  But, I need to do more to interact w/ her.  So, tonight I had her help me make dinner and we sat down and ate together at the table.  There is this frozen yogurt place I’ve been wanting to try, so we decided to check it out tonight.


IMG_2807Autumn decided she wanted to try a bunch of different flavors and then she put a gummi worm in the mix.  She LOVED it and chowed down, as you can see since she got it all over her upper lips.


IMG_2808 She wanted me to take a picture of her hair that her teacher fixed for her.  She kept playing w/ it and told me not to touch!  She is so independent and insisted on throwing our cup and spoons away when we were done by.her.self.  I love this picture of her running back towards me w/ her hair swinging behind her.  She was in such a good mood tonight, and I love it when she’s like that.

IMG_2813 On the way home from getting frozen yogurt, she kept saying, “pick-well, Mama.”  It took me a minute to figure out what she was saying but I finally guessed that she wanted some pickles.  Mom & Dad had a big jar of  baby dill pickles at their house and Autumn ate a bunch of them while we were there this weekend.  I swear, this child has the strangest tastes for a 3 year old.  Anyways, we stopped at WalMart and got Autumn her very own jar of pickles.  It’s a huge jar and was only $2.30!  Gotta love that.  She ate about 6 of them when we got home.

IMG_2814 I thought this little girl on the jar looked a little like another little girl I know who likes pickles.


JWolfgramm said...

yummy!! Frozen yogurt is my FAVE!! And Autumn is such a cutie!!!

Megan said...

She's soooo big! I can hardly believe it!


Too cute! Love the idea of an afternoon out. Looks like you had fun.