Thursday, February 4, 2010

Great Deals

So, I've found some great deals lately that I wanted to share with y'all.

First of all, I got an email about a free 8x8 photo book from Creating Keepsakes. I have already ordered mine and can't wait to get it in the mail next week. It was SUPER easy and they have all different kinds of backgrounds and themes to choose from. All you have to pay for is shipping, so mine cost a grand total of $8.65, which is a great deal.

The second great deal is kind of in connection w/ the first deal. You have to upload your photos to, and if you're a new customer, they give you 50 4x6 prints for free. Again, all I had to do was pay for shipping, which was $3.24.

The third great deal was my favorite one. I got an email from Boza Lotric, who is like the stake president's wife in Slovenija. Her husband was the first Slovene member of the church that was baptized. The Church has now been there for 20 years, and she is compiling a history of the Church there. She emailed a bunch of us old missionaries to see if we had any pictures we wanted to share. I have a ton of pictures, but they are all on film strips, b/c digital cameras were too expensive back when I was on my mission in 2002-2003. So, I took 40 rolls of film (in film strip format) to WalMart to see if they could put those on CD's for me, so I could have them in digital format for putting on my blog or emailing. They were able to fit all 40 rolls of film onto just 5 CD's, they got it done in just 2 days, and it only cost $12.50 (each CD is only $2.50 each)!!! So, if you have any old pictures on film strip that you to have made into a digital format, just take them to WalMart.

I was up until 2:00 am looking through the pictures and organizing them into folders on my laptop. I can't tell you how many memories came flooding back to me and how much it made me ache for Slovenija and all the CUDIVITO people I met there. I'll be doing a few posts coming up about some of the miracles I saw on my mission and some of my favorite memories.

Anyways, just wanted to share those 3 great deals. Not much has been going on w/ Autumn and I the past few days. Just work and day care and spending time together in the evenings. She is growing like a weed and is such a big girl now. She even went poo poo in the toliet (instead of in her big girl panties) last night. I was so proud of her!

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Hanah said...

Don'tcha just LOVE great deals!! I sure do, thanks so much for sharing them!! :D I can't wait to do the book!! :D