Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day 2010

IMG_3063 Aren’t I so lucky that I got to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the cutest Valentine that ever was?  We spent the morning eating waffles at Mom & Dad’s house and then we came home and got cleaned up and went to church.  Autumn was good today and loves going to nursery.  We come home and had lunch and then took naps.

IMG_3065 Since we had spent the last 4 days over at Mom & Dad’s, we decided to spend the evening at our own house just relaxing and getting ready for the coming week.  Autumn was mesmerized by the figure skating and would just stand and stare at the TV.


IMG_3067 Then she decided that she wanted to try spinning around like the athletes.    She’s such a good little jumper and twirler.  I’ve been thinking she’s going to be a hairdresser or a photographer when she gets older.  Maybe she’ll be an ice skater instead?

IMG_3069What is a lazy and fun Sunday afternoon w/out some treats?  We enjoyed some popcorn (and Autumn also wanted pickles) while we enjoyed the Olympics.  It has been such a long weekend (4 days) that it’s going to be hard to go back to work tomorrow. 

It has been so nice to spend so much time w/ Autumn.  She really is growing up before my eyes.  Just this past week I’ve started sending her to daycare in big girl panties and she’s only had one accident.  So, she’s pretty much potty trained.  She’s also started talking so much more, which is wonderful news to me, b/c I was starting to get worried that she wouldn’t ever talk.

I have to admit that I was a little  sad I didn’t have a boyfriend/husband to share Valentine’s Day with.  But, instead of focusing on that, I just focused on all the love and blessings and joy I have in my life b/c of my Autumn Bottom.  There are so many different types of love and my life is incredibly full and overflowing w/ love.  I have Autumn and fantastic family and fabulous friends.  I hope everyone was able to feel all different types of love this Valentine’s Day.

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