Monday, October 29, 2012

Papa’s Made Up Stories & Hurricane Sandy

P1080344 Today after work/school, we went over to Mom & Dad’s and it was nice to not have anything planned for tonight.  We got to just veg out and relax.  Lately Autumn has been asking Papa to tell her stories, and so she snuggled up on the couch w/ him tonight and asked him to tell her a story.  He really is THE BEST story teller, b/c he makes them up as he goes, and they always have a moral to the story.  The story tonight was about an earthworm that would throw fits and tantrums.  The other little bugs were scared of him and would run away and say, “beware of the wrath of Mr. Earthworm.”  Then b/c that’s a mouthful they would shorten it and say, “beware of Ewarth.”  The e was short for earthworm.  So now every time Autumn gets upset or throws a tantrum we’ll call her “A-wrath.”  LOL!

They ALWAYS start off like this:  “Once upon a time in the land of stories and make believe, where things aren’t really and they’re only just pretend there lived a …”  As kids it was such a huge treat to have Dad tell us a story.  Autumn is so lucky to have him as a Papa.

Superstorm SandyImage source here 

All day at work I kept looking up pictures of Hurricane Sandy.  I feel SO BAD for all the people on the East coast that are getting slammed by that massive super storm.  It’s awesome (fills me w/ awe) & scary to see the destruction that Mother Nature can cause.

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