Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Project Life Tuesday ~ Week 41

IMG_7345 This week’s picture has weird coloring, even though I took it at the same time and in the same spot as usual.  It’s just too dark in the mornings to take a good picture anymore.  I’ll have to wait until the middle of the day when there’s more light.

Monday ~ Emma is so sad that Mom & Dad are gone to Vegas on vacation.  She always gets sad & mopey when they get out their suitcases.  So, we made sure to show her some extra attention tonight.  She’s such a good dog!

Tuesday ~ I wanted to get a picture of Autumn’s lunch bag, b/c she used to use it every single day in daycare.  We quit using it when she started school, but there was no school yesterday for the holiday.  So, we got to get it out, dust it off, and use it again since she was at daycare all day.  I think this will be a fun picture for her to look back on years from now.

Wednesday ~ I did a collage of our Young Men & Young Women’s activity tonight.  We had fall fest where each of the 6 groups were in charge of a game and the winner at the end got a trophy.  It was a great activity.

Thursday ~ I let Autumn pick where we were going to dinner tonight and she picked Chipotle.  She wanted to eat outside on the patio.  I love her “sassy” pose and sparkly eyes.  I also love getting to spend one-on-one time like this w/ her.
(Same as Wednesday link)

Friday ~ We use these little Renuitz air fresheners in the car, and they usually last about a month.  We found these cute Halloween ones that also smelled really good.
(Same as Tuesday link)

Saturday ~ Aunt Jeri & I spent the whole day at the regional Single Adult Conference.  The patriotic decorations were incredible and the workshops were uplifting and edifying.  I’m so glad Aunt Jeri came w/ me and that we got to spend that time together.

Sunday ~ After church & lunch Autumn wanted to go outside & play b/c the weather was so nice.  Dad got out the croquet set and we played 2 games.  It was a BLAST.  The best part was that the balls kept busting apart when Dad would whack them.

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Cerise said...

Looks like you had a great week. My cats usually try to hide themselves in our suitcases when we leave. Our pup usually gets excited cause that means he gets to stay with family and get spoiled rotten.