Monday, November 5, 2012

Just Dance 3 FHE

P1080407 When Autumn & I went over to Liz & Liberty’s on Saturday, I was telling them about DIVINE the caramel from Cheesecake Factory.  So, we decided to get together so they could try it.  We were going to do it last night, but both the kids were too tired.  So, we did it tonight and turned it into FHE.  For our activity we tried out the Just Dance 3 Kinect game.  However, I don’t have internet at home so the Kinect part wasn’t working.  But, that didn’t stop us and we had a BLAST!  I don’t know why there are water looking spots on this pic.

P1080406 Look at us getting our groove on to “Take On Me...”

P1080411 “I’ll be gone…”

P1080409We’re rock star divas like that.  We were both sweating after just a few songs.  Autumn & Jacob even got in on the dancing action for a little while.  After that, we had our treat of ice cream and the CF caramel sauce.  Then Autumn led the music and I said the prayer and then I gave a quick lesson about obeying parents and leaders who love us.  It was an awesome evening w/ them and I’m so glad they came over.

P1080413 I put Autumn to bed and then was blogging while waiting for Nick to get home from work so I could go over to Christine’s.  I heard Autumn start to cough, and she didn’t stop.  It was hard coughing so I went in to check on her.  I heard her coughing up lots of crud, so I made her come sit w/ me on the couch so I could give her a breathing treatment.

P1080414The treatment worked maybe a little too well, b/c she threw up a LOT of clear slimy phlegm.  Even though I had a bowl for her to throw up in, it got on me and the bed.  She felt better after that, but was still coughing a lot.  She helped me change the sheets so we could both go to bed since it was already 11:30 at night.  We were laying in bed talking before falling asleep and she said something about an angel named Harold.  That’s my great grandpa on my Dad’s side!  I thought that was so weird b/c we never talk about him and I have no idea where she would have gotten that name from!  So, I’m thankful for whatever angels were watching over us tonight.

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