Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Project Life Tuesday ~ Week 42

IMG_7446 Week 42 brought lots of fun extended family, a burning iconic figure, and pre-Halloween fun.

Monday ~ Aunt Jeri got a new haircut and she looks FABULOUS!  It’s so flattering and young and fresh on her.

Tuesday ~ Mom & Aunt Jeri made a bunch of Halloween themed cupcakes for Mom’s Scout meeting tonight.  They had blood shot eyeballs, spiders, and pumpkins.  The spider ones are my favorite.

Wednesday ~ Autumn LOVES all things girly, and chap stick & “whip stick” are some of her favorites.  She always wants to put it on herself and when I tell her “no more” she has to find someone else that’s willing to let her apply “whip stick”.  Aunt Jeri’s such a good sport.

Thursday ~  Aunt Tafta & Uncle Kerry came to visit for a few days.  We went out to dinner to Cheddar’s b/c we love that place.  While we were waiting for our food, Aunt Tafta’s teacher side came out and she was teaching Autumn the best way to hold her pencil and write her letters.  It was precious to watch.

Friday ~ The big news for today was that Big Tex at the Texas State Fair started on fire.  It was his 60th birthday this year and they had to take away his metal frame under a big tarp that looked like a death shroud.  Poor Big Tex!

Saturday ~ Today was a busy day w/ all the cooking Mom & I did.  Plus, we had the whole Johnson Clan over for a shrimp boil so everyone could see Aunt Tafta & Uncle Kerry.  Then that evening I went to a big Halloween party that the girls and I were hosting at Christine’s house.  We dressed up as the Pink Ladies & Greaser Guys from the movie Grease.  Mom did my hair and it looked SO COOL!  It was a great day.

Sunday ~ Today after church Autumn & I went visiting teaching.  We were early so we walked around to a few houses just to check out their Halloween decorations.  Autumn liked this graveyard in one of the yards.  It was so funny to see the dichotomy of the dark creepy graveyard next to Autumn’s cute smile and pink outfit.

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Cerise said...

We were so sad to see Big Tex go. I felt guilty for not taking the kids to the fair to see him.
Those cupcakes are so fun!