Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mom’s Many Talents

IMG_7961 Today’s prompt was “Place your elf in your Christmas tree.”  Autumn had a hard time finding Rosy Posy today, even though I was giving her major clues.

IMG_7959 Nick was a sweetheart and mowed the lawn, made my bed, and did all the dishes.  We had some big items like pans & bowls so he improvised when the dishtowels weren’t enough.  He got one of the big towels from the guest bathroom and used that.


IMG_7962Mom is THE BEST EVER!  She took my ghetto little wreath that I had on the front door and replaced it w/ this big huge gorgeous one on the right.  You can’t really tell how small the one on the left is compared to the one on the right in these pics, but the left one was so small it could have fit inside the one on the right.  I told Mom she is crazy talented and needs to sell these on Etsy.  She never ceases to amaze me w/ all her talents.  I love being the recipient of her talents & generosity.  I wish I had some way to repay her.

P1080617 I got an email at work today from the Relief Society secretary in my ward saying they had come and dropped off a basket of goodies on our porch.  So after I got Autumn from school we stopped at home really quick to grab that and some items I needed Mom’s help with for a big work party I’m in charge of on Friday.  There were so many treats in this cute little bucket that was on the porch.  There was also this adorable book called “The Conifer Court Competition” that was written & illustrated by a husband & wife in my ward.  It was so incredibly thoughtful & made Autumn & I feel so loved.

P1080619 I skipped Young Women’s tonight b/c I’m so stressed w/ this big company party on Friday, and Mom said she would help me w/ the table decorations.  Autumn & I helped Mom by peeling some eggs for her & Autumn did a great job.

P1080623Papa wanted Autumn to put her “good ladder climbing skills” to use and had her hold up the old Christmas tree topper to the new one to see which one looks better.  We all decided the new shiny gold star looks better.  After this, Autumn & Mom & I went up to Mom’s craft room to get our craft on.  I don’t know what I would do w/out Mom.  I showed Mom my ideas for the table decorations for the party and she improved them by 150% w/ just a few added touches here and there.  I owe her BIG TIME!!!

I have to mention how thankful I am for my Grandparents.  I talked to Rufio on the phone tonight (I try to talk to her once a week) & just told her how much I love her.  Today is the 3rd Anniversary of my Grandma Johnson’s death, and I miss her so much!  I can’t believe it’s already been 3 years.  Grandpa put a sweet note in the newspaper for her today.  I’m thankful for them raising such good kids so those kids could grow up to be such good parents which then grew up to be the best Grandparents ever!

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