Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tender Mercy With Car Troubles

P1100376This was the awesome sky that we got to look at on our way to daycare this morning.  Little did I know that I had an eventful morning in store.  I dropped Autumn off, got on the freeway, got off on a frontage road to avoid the traffic on the freeway, and then my car died.  Nothing would happen when I pushed on the accelerator.  Luckily, I was at the top of a small hill, so I was able to coast down it until I could turn onto a side street and out of traffic.

P1100377 I said a little prayer and then called Dad to see what I should do and he said to try and start it again to see if it would come on.  It did, but the check engine light came on.  I called my mechanic to see if I could bring it in.  I decided to try and get there via the back roads in case it died again.  It was going great until I got about 1 mile and the accelerator quit working again.  I was able to turn off the main street before it sputtered and died.  I said another prayer and let Dad know it might be a while until I could get to the mechanic where he was going to pick me up.  I had the thought come to me to turn off the A/C, so I did once I got the car restarted.

I am SO THANKFUL that it worked and I was able to get my car the 15 miles to the mechanic w/out further incident.  I was praying fervently the whole way there.  They said they probably couldn’t get to it until Friday, but would try to fit me in sooner.  It didn’t hurt that Dad brought them doughnuts from the best doughnut place in town, and he knows them all by first name.

P1100383He took me back to their house so I could borrow Mom’s Cadillac and get to work.  I was only an hour late.  Her car has to much more power than mine, so it was fun to drive it to and from work.  It was so nice to not have anything going on tonight.  We ate dinner & then Autumn & I ran to Target to get a few things.  She LOVES sitting or standing on these big red balls.  I have no idea why she’s trying to be gangsta in this pic, but she cracks me up.

Hopefully there won’t be anything majorly wrong w/ my car!

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