Sunday, December 29, 2013

Welcome To The World, Adam Jay!!!

IMG_2135 Adam Jay Guymon was born December 29 at 3:42am. He weighed 9 lbs 14 oz and is 22 inches long!  Lexie & Jon called this morning around 7:30 to let us know that we had a new grandson/nephew!  Lexie is a total trooper & gave birth to this almost 10 lb baby naturally!  What a woman!  I’m excited to be an Aunt for the 3rd time.

IMG_2136 Autumn & I came home, got ready for church, & rushed out the door.  It was a good & spiritually uplifting 3 hours.  The talks in sacrament were good, the lesson in Sunday School was about the The Family: A Proclamation to The World, & in Young Women’s we talked about, “What is Zion?”  We came home, changed clothes, and then went over to Mom & Dad’s.  We had some lunch & then Mom & Andrew left to go down to Austin to see Baby Adam.  Nick stayed home from church b/c he was sick, so we watched a movie.  I got this for $5 at WalMart the other day, so we watched it.

IMG_2138 I was so scared of this Child Catcher when I was little.  He gave me nightmares, and still kind of does.  He’s the reason I would never have been tempted to candy from a stranger as a child.  After this, we watched the Lone Ranger b/c Nick had gotten it for Christmas & I never saw it.  Autumn worked on her Rainbow Loom while I backed up some of my thousands of photos online.

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