Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Backyard Baseball

DSCN0139 Lexie decided to drive up w/ the boys today so they could hang out & have fun with us instead of just coming this weekend.  When they laid Olivia & Adam next to each other, Adam reached over right away and grabbed her hand all on his own!  How cute.

DSCN0158 As you can see, Olivia didn’t think it was very cute and warned him that if he ever tried to hold her hand again then he’d get punched in the face again.  LOL!!!

IMG_3515 Nate got these tiger lilies for Riannon for Mother’s Day & they bloomed today and are GORGEOUS!  I absolutely adore tiger lilies.

IMG_3517 Mom & Dad’s flight was supposed to come in last night, but it got cancelled due to all the heavy rain & flooding we had.  So, their flight got rescheduled to this morning.  Nate went & picked them up and I was SO HAPPY to have a Cafe Rio sweet pork salad for dinner!  The creamy tomatillo dressing is so delicious.  My tastebuds were so happy.

DSCN0174 The weather was so nice outside, that everyone went to play in the backyard for a while.  Andrew loves to drive the lawn mower (w/out the blade turned on) around the backyard.  Jackson likes to drive the little truck.  This picture of them waving to each other as they pass is so precious.

DSCN0195 I laughed so hard when I saw this picture of Jackson w/ a “speed demon” look on his face.  Poor Adam was probably holding on for dear life.  Too funny!

DSCN0228 We were finally able to corral everyone in for dinner when Nate got back w/ the Papa John’s pizza.  We have all of our Johnson family members here except for Nick & John who both had to work.  I can’t even begin to describe the joy that fills my heart to overflowing when I look at this picture!

DSCN0255 After dinner, we couldn’t go back inside b/c the weather was so perfect for some backyard baseball.  We had such a good time just throwing & catching the ball.

DSCN0260At one point, Autumn & Papa were playing catch & he threw a ball & it bounced off her glove and hit her smack dab in the middle of the forehead.  Papa’s kisses are the best for making boo boos feel better.  We didn’t want to leave, but it was past Autumn’s bedtime & she needs her sleep since she still has school in the morning.

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