Wednesday, May 14, 2014

OCD Dishwasher Loading

DSCN0286 This picture cracks me up b/c Jackson is Papa’s shadow and always wants to be around him.  He & Papa are good buddies.

DSCN0293 Andrew gave Riannon a ride around the backyard on the back of the lawnmower.  Ba ha ha!

DSCN0309 Mimi is just glowing and looks so beautiful holding her youngest grandson & granddaughter.

IMG_3526-001 We had tacos for dinner & I had to eat and run to make it to Young Women’s on time.  We split them all up into 13 groups & each group got a box of 100 garbage sacks, 100 flyers, a map, and highlighter.  I took 4 girls with me and we drove to our assigned neighborhood on the map & the girls went around and put these bags on people’s door or under their mat.  While I sat & waited for them, I stapled the flyers to the bags.  It was a fun activity, and on Saturday they are going to go back to the places we left the bags & pick up any food donations that are left on the porch for the local food pantry.

IMG_3531I am OCD when it comes to how the dishwasher is loaded.  I don’t let anyone else load it, b/c it has to be done a certain way.  Dad texted me this picture tonight and said Riannon loaded it like this especially for me!  NOOOOOOOOOOO!  LOL!  My eye started twitching just looking at this.  I’m really hoping they did this just for the picture and then fixed it after they took the picture.  I know … I’ve got issues!

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